Woodee and Lalita

"Annie I have owned some wonderful dogs in my life,
and also suffered the heartache of losing them to sicknesses.  I am so glad
that I found you.  Woodee and Lalita are truly beautiful and I love them
dearly.  I am very happy to have you as my friend as you have so much
experience and I have learned a lot from you in the last two years.  You
notice things that I would never notice and I am glad of this."
"Thank you Melodie.  You have been very
helpful also.  You have really sent me some really good articles I will
pass on."


Rhodie and Frosty

Thank you Margaret G. for the
beautiful picture of Rhodie and Frosty.  Thank you very much for all the
boy pants you sent me.  You are a wonderful seamstress.

Wow this reply just made me feel so

"No problem Annie, I enjoy sewing and especially for
your beautiful babies.  You are a friend for life and this is just a token
of appreciation for being privileged to have one of your babies. 
Rhodie and Frosty had a great Christmas and got lots of treats and toys from the
family.  Mail me the pattern and I will be pleased to sew PINK for the



Hi Annie:  I hope the holidays were good to
you and your family.  Thank you for the information, the treats, and the
certificates.  I guess the certificates are for my records.
Indy is doing great.  He is a fabulous dog,
with a great temperament and loves to play fetch.  He has become part of
the family and our extended family and friends also love him.
I hope you are doing well and the new litters are
great.  Thank you so much for Indy.
Darlene R.


Wally and Chippy

Merry Christmas, Annie.  What an adorable
card.  Wally and Chippy bark  a happy holiday greeting also. 
They are delightful imps who rule the roost as usual.  When will you next
be up in Fergus?



Thanks for the card we enjoyed it.  Josie is doing
well.  She is a lovable cudly girl.  She is so affectionate and has
such a beautiful temperament.  She loves kids and loves to play ball. 
She certainly enriches our lives.  Here’s wishing you and your family a
very Merry Christmas and a prosperous safe Happy New Year


Rhodie and Frosty

Hi Annie:  Rhodie and Frosty are doing well and just
the sweetest dogs ever.  Like Rose, I would not buy a toy poodle from
anyone but you.  Frosty is perfect, clear eyes, sturdy and smart as a whip
and very loveable.  I have my lap dog now, he’s getting over the puppy
stage and wants to be with me .  Rhodie wants to be on John’s lap the
minute he sits down in front of the TV or anywhere for that matter.  Can’t
thank you enough for the joy these dogs have brought us.  I check your site
often top see if there are any pictures of the new puppies, love to look at them
and keep them in mind if I hear of anyone wanting to purchase a toy poodle. 

Margaret Graham

Hi from Puff

Hi Annie,
Here is a picture of me taken today. I just got my hair done at the
groomers and they loved me there. They think I am so well bred and a
lovely personality. You might get some more customers from Toronto – they
were gaga over me.
I am a nice quiet boy and very friendly. I keep my  new Mum
hopping taking me out for walks 4 times per day. I’m house trained now and
almost never make a mistake.
Love to all my brothers and sisters in Cayuga and wherever.
Love from Puff


Zoey and Puppy Aplause class

 Message from Jacqueline Figas:

"Hi Annie,

Yes, please feel free to use my name.  Zoey’s birthday is April 18, 2008, and the class she was enrolled in is called
the Puppy Applause. They have 2 levels for those who want to continue, one is
Puppy 101 (a repeat of the first level)  and the other is Puppy Masters
(they add in a higher level of distraction). They told me I should put her in
Puppy Masters because she learns so fast and really listens well.  Yes,
you’re correct that Zoey and the standard poodle were "stars" in the class, and
in the final competition,  Zoey was paired with the standard poodle – Zoey
won hands down for coming when called (come-sit)  – she was the fastest.
She was already at my feet and sitting when the standard was only 1/3rd of the
way across the gym. (Maybe we should call her "lightening").    She
liked to run "figure 8s" around the gym during the leash-free puppy play, and
any puppies who got in her way she just jumped over them.

I should also mention this "competition" was a very fun, informal friendly
competition on the last night to see how the puppies had done with their 8 weeks
of training.  She was definitely outstanding!
Jacqueline Figas"