Hi Annie,
Dixie is beautiful!  Congratulations on Dixie’s
win.  You must be so proud.
Willow is beautiful also.  I took her to get groomed
this morning and another lady was there getting her dog groomed and she said to
me "Willow is just sooo gorgeous"  She really is so beautiful!  I
really hope for you to see her soon.  If we go to visit my sister in
Oakville on the long weekend in May, I will definitely call you to see if you
are available for a short visit.  I am sure you would enjoy seeing
Take care Annie,



Hi Annie, I just came home from Lalita’s agility
class, she is a natural in the class.  She is so different than Woodee
he was so timid and unsure.  Lalita is a ball of fire and loves a
challenge, today she learned the teeter totter and just loved it.  She is
definitely  a diva with that look at me attitude.  She has
already mastered the A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tunnel, Weave
Polls, Jumps, the Chute.  She is the smallest in the
class but she is not fazed by this, she is fearless and tackles obstacles
that the bigger dogs are scared of.  She truly loves this, but her poor
mistress gets quite a workout LOL!

Willow and Kasper

"In Ottawa we have this coffee shop cafe, where you
can go and bring your dogs.  Well last night they had a Poodle’s
social.  I went and brought Willow and Kasper and Willow was the cutest
poodle there.  It was a great place to take her to socialize her.  I
am trying to take her out more to different places to socialize her and I am
taking her in the car more and she is really good."

From Annie: Darla owns two
poodles.  One from another breeder .  He is a few years old, I
believe.  Willow was born in Oct. 2008.  Wouldn’t this cafe be fun for
us poodle lovers!

Maggie & Marty

Hi Annie.  We ALL are doing well.  Maggie
and Marty are the best of friends.  They are both wonderful dogs. 
Marty is a real treat.  A real showman.  Very obedient.  You said
males always want to please and you are right.  He is just wonderful. 
Maggie is a good girl also but likes to do her own thing. Females!  Can.t
believe Maggie is three now and Marty two.  We will stop by in the good
weather for you to see them.  Take care and Happy Easter to you
Bob, Lois, Maggie and Marty



Hi Annie.  Rhodie and Frosty are doing well
and just the sweetest dogs ever.  Like Rose, I would not buy a toy poodle
from anyone but you.  Frosty
is perfect,
clear eyes, sturdy and smart as a whip and very loveable.  I have my lap
dog now.  He’g getting over the puppy stage and wants to be with me. 
Rhodie wants to be on John’s lap the minute he sits down in front of the TV or
anywhere for that matter.  Can’t thank you enough for the joy these dogs
have brought us.  I check your site often to see if there are any pictures
of the new puppies.  Love to look at them and keep them in mind if I hear
of anyone wanting to purchase a toy poodle.