Mari with our Ele

 After Mari met our Ele above and Blossom she can’t wait for one of Blossom’s babies. Ele is sister to Daisy, Rusty and Maggie.

Tarzan and Jane

Below is a picture of Maggie and Bobby’s two babies Tarzan and Jane.  They are so much fun to have around.  Standards are so much bigger than toys.  At 8 wks of age Tarzan was 15 pounds and Jane 12 pounds.  They were born Sept 15/13 and will turn completely silver like their face and even lighter.

Bobby, Maggie babies 002



Shelly Burke is an artist and adopted Dolly.  She is so amazed at how her students take to Dolly and Dolly has so much fun with them.  So precious!!!!

Shelly Art class Nov 13 No2Shelly art class 2