Zoey Jacqueline’s, social butterfly!


Merry Christmas from Zoey.


 Message from Jacqueline Figas:

"Hi Annie,

Yes, please feel free to use my name.  Zoey’s birthday is April 18, 2008, and the class she was enrolled in is called
the Puppy Applause. They have 2 levels for those who want to continue, one is
Puppy 101 (a repeat of the first level)  and the other is Puppy Masters
(they add in a higher level of distraction). They told me I should put her in
Puppy Masters because she learns so fast and really listens well.  Yes,
you’re correct that Zoey and the standard poodle were "stars" in the class, and
in the final competition,  Zoey was paired with the standard poodle – Zoey
won hands down for coming when called (come-sit)  – she was the fastest.
She was already at my feet and sitting when the standard was only 1/3rd of the
way across the gym. (Maybe we should call her "lightening").    She
liked to run "figure 8s" around the gym during the leash-free puppy play, and
any puppies who got in her way she just jumped over them.

I should also mention this "competition" was a very fun, informal friendly
competition on the last night to see how the puppies had done with their 8 weeks
of training.  She was definitely outstanding!
Jacqueline Figas"


Bob, Stella with their baby Angel. 
Angel’s mom and dad.



BE CAREFUL  Today I spoke with
I had to phone her to tell her that Diamond did not
have any female puppies and that actually we lost a girl.  Rose and George have been waiting for us to have a black
female.  Their black toy female was killed by a Doberman on a lead being
walked by their home.  They have been devastated. 
Well, Rose made me feel very proud.  She
said," I told my husband that I will only buy one of Annie’s pups."  They
have had many poodles during their marriage and their last one was the
best.  She said "Annie your dogs were all so beautiful and so obedient and
so friendly". 
Rose and George were in the area looking at
poodles hoping to find a black one immediately after the loss of theirs. 
Some of mine followed me out to our front lawn.  Crystal jumped in Rose’s
arms.  Rose was willing to take Crystal home.
Thank you Rose for your kind words.  You made
me feel so good.  It’s people like you that keep me breeding these darling
It is very hard when you lose a baby.  We do
look at the fact that we just had 16 puppies out of 5 females.  That is
probably a record with toys.

Winter Gear 

"Hot Flash"  Melodie has tried winter gear on
Lalita during the first snowfall in Regina.  Woody is a pro and Lalita has
caught on.  Melodie is such a sweet girl and loves her babies.  I will
not ship my dogs, but they can sit on a plane with you! Melodie knows us now and
stays the night.