Old Articles

Henry with his love bug and Dolores with her love bug.  This bug is sure loved.


Melodie’s Woo-dee and Squeeker. 


We feel so lucky to have found such quality loving
homes for our 4 litters of babies born in 2007 and prior years. 
Most families have lost a dear member of the family.
Pictures below start with pups sold in 2007 and are
followed by pups from previous years.
Good Luck to all the beautiful people that have
made this such a worthwhile experience for us.  Thank you very
Rodney and Annie



Thank you so very much Margaret and
John Graham.  You will make Rhodie so happy!  Two purebred cats, a
budgie and two beautiful people.  A quality home for Rhodie! 



Chritiane sent us a picture of her little French girl Gigi from Que. She is so happy she got to keep one of Gigi’s baby teeth.(Bella, and Tazzie’s sister)


At 3 am last night Gigi warned her mom Christiane about robbers next door. What a good baby. Annie

Bella sure missed her mom and dad. Barb, her mom said she loves to sit on her Daddy’s lap. Well, we found that out!

Pam, Alexandra (bug), Andrew and Alyssa with Tazz

Pam, Alexandra (bug), Andrew and Alyssa with Tazz

Pam, Alexandra (bug), Andrew and Alyssa with Tazz

Oh Andrew in the tree with a friend!


My name is Riley. Annie sold me to my mom Brenda. She only wanted me as her baby and not a show dog. Two stars in the family is enough!

Champions Crystal and Cocoa are my sister and brother.

Riley’s first Christmas.

Hi, I’m Skylar, Libby’s sister. I live with my mom Brenda, my dad John, two sisters, and two brothers. I’d love to be a star like my sisters Liberty (Libby) and My Mercedes (Mercy) but I am having a hard time trying to talk my parents into it!

Skylar and Riley at the door.


Les and Eleanor just adore their Christmas Gift Wally


Doesn’t Keeley look happy with her little Spike!!!!!!

This is little Stewie with his new owners

"Adam and Ian love their Stewie." (Magie’s baby)

Foxy at home with Mom June

Champion Adoreannies Midnight Cocoa Man

Owned by Linda Powell

(Crystal’s brother)


This is liitle Zoe with her new mom, our dear friend Nola.

Crystal’s last pup with his new owner Danielle. Daddy Sean getting the towels ready.

Here’s Cricket with her mom Carol and Grammy Annie

Cricket with a toy Octopus.

Tony, Daisy, Queenie, Vivian and Crystal’s beautiful Little Happy

My name is Angel and my new mom’s name is Debby

My name is Josey and this is my new family Keith, MJ & Tony

Magic’s pup Maggie is going to live with her new mom and dad Lois and Bob Konkle

Maggie with her mom and dad Lois and Bob

Maggie with her new brother Marty



Ingrid and her beautiful Laci



Sure had fun with the Searle family when they picked up Crystal’s Mr. Pierre

Debbie and her little Lacy

Mary says her granddaughter can’t get enought of Wills

Panda and Bubbles