Moms and Babies

Expecting Moms, New Moms & Their Puppies

Magie and Bubbles are expecting
babies end of Oct. 2008. 

Diamond and Libby are due early November

Father of the pups is Lover Boy.





Angel behind Libby’s Silky:

Magie’s Bubbles:


Angel’s Spice:


Crystal back, Diamond up front with Angel:


Libby back, Angel front:


Libby on sofa, Silky her daughter wanting to get up too:


Crystal’s Diamond:


From the back row Angel, Lover Boy, Magie, Libby’s Silky hidden, Magie’s Bubbles, and Angels Spice:


Pictures of Lover Boy:




Momma Annie with her poodle family-waiting for Crystal and Magie to have their puppies.


Rodney with the girls.